For the Pantry

Some specific pantry items are necessary to cook Korean recipes at home. We have used the items (or similar) shown here in our restaurants, our home, or both. If you can't find these or similar items in your local area (U.S. or Canada) you can get them at Amazon. Please note that we may receive a commission if you make any Amazon purchases through these links.
Gochugaru - Fine
Soups, seasoning pastes, more

Not to be confused with the "Chili Powder" seasoning blend found in nearly all U. S. grocery markets. This seasoning blend is not a substitute for Korean chili powder.
Gochugaru is made from dried red chilies only, and is available in fine, medium, and coarse grinds.
Fine ground is most often used in soups, marinades, and seasoning pastes. Premium Korean made gochugaru uses sun dried chilies.

Gochugaru - Coarse
Kimchi, some dressings

Made from 100% red chili peppers, this coarse gochugaru is perfect for making kimchi and adding a spicy kick to various dishes like BBQ and stir-fried pork.
Using premium sun-dried peppers grown from premium Korean pepper seeds, this chili powder has no added ingredients like msg. 
Best use outside of kimchi - when you need a slight kick without coloring everything red.

Basic Seasoning

This premium quality Korean red chili pepper paste is made from all-natural brown rice, known for its health benefits such as lowering cholesterol and providing antioxidants. Sourced from the city of Sunchang, renowned for its high-quality peppers and traditional fermentation practices. The careful fermentation process ensures that the ingredients maintain their rich flavors while becoming smoother in texture. Packaged in a convenient resealable package.

Basic Seasoning

 Jaeraesik Soybean Paste by Chung-Jung-One. Made with top-quality soybeans, this unpasteurized doenjang (soybean paste) is perfect for adding depth to your light soups or as a flavorful dipping sauce. Unlike other pastes, Jaeraesik is free from preservatives, ensuring that every spoonful is filled with pure, homemade taste.

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