Mixed Up Rice

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Bibimbap is one of the most popular Korean dishes from our restaurant. The variety of flavors from the assorted prepared vegetables and meat in one bowl make this a simply awesome dish.

Bibimbap can be all vegetable, meat and vegetable, seafood and vegetable, or a meat/seafood combination.
The vegetables can be garden fresh, pickled/preserved, par-boiled, stir fried, steamed, or cooked by any method. The meat can be raw, stir fried, grilled, chopped, shredded, or ground. Topped with seaweed, egg, fried noodles, chopped chestnuts, or fish roe. It can be done with rice in the dish or served on the side. Dished up chilled, room temperature, or in a piping hot stoneware bowl.

Bibimbap is a "constructed" dish, there is no real "recipe", rather it is a compilation of "mini-recipes" for each ingredient that is included. There are many versions of Bibimbap and almost anything can be a candidate for inclusion, as long the flavors of each item compliment the others used to make the dish.

Some form of mixed vegetable dish has been present in Korean cuisine for thousands of years. When rice made it's way to the peninsula, it was incorporated into these dishes and the more contemporary Bibimbap dishes were born.

There are several "origin" stories about bibimbap, one of which tells that bibimbap was a party dish for government officials (may be referencing the Dol Sot | Hot Pot version) in the Jenju area, and one that says bibimbap was a creation of farmers wives who often did not have time to prepare traditional meals, and so tossed different foods, including those being harvested, into a bowl with rice.


1 version

Beef Shank Center Cut
Roughly one ounce of each item per person.
bean sprouts, par boiled and lightly salted, mixed with chopped green onion
spring mix, rinsed well
shredded potato stir fried to tender crisp, lightly salted.
shredded carrot lightly sauteed in vegetable oil mixed with honey or brown sugar
dried sweet potato stems, soaked and rinsed, lightly sauteed 
chopped bulgogi, either grilled or stir fried
shredded Korean or daikon radish, rinsed then dressed with sweetened vinegar
sliced zucchini lightly sauteed with minced garlic
1 cup cooked rice
fried egg placed on top
For vegetarian omit the meat and egg and substitute sauteed mushrooms and fried tofu

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