About Us

1950's to 1974

Early Life

Born, schooling, Vietnam War looming over everything.

1974 to 1994

Military Life

Enlisted, stationed in the midwest, sent as a non-volunteer to Korea, married a wonderful Korean girl. Re-enlisted to go back to Korea several times (total 7 years). Two fantastic sons. M patiently put up with all the Military Life. Retired from the military.

1994 to 2008

Restaurant Life

M and her sister bought a Korean restaurant, used her mother's recipes as well as our own. Sister sold her share to us so I joined M shortly after Military retirement. Sold out after a number of years and went to Seattle where we operated a Korean/Teriyaki restaurant. Almost 15 years in the business, time for something else.

2008 to 2017

Tween Years

Started a Korean Recipe website (the original hannaone.com). Diddled in retail as an "Associate", rapidly transitioned to "Team Lead",  then "Senior Team Lead". Wife bored with not much to do, so back into the Korean Restaurant business.  hannaone.com domain sold out from under me by Godaddy, bought by someone in Russia who stole all of my content and continues to use it despite my requesting that he not do so..... Birth of hannaonetwo.com and hanna-one.com.

2017 to 2019

Restaurant Life Again

Cooking and serving Korean and Teriyaki again.



Restaurant closed for dine-in service so transitioned to take out only. We had already begun delivery through UberEats, Doordash, and GrubHub before the COVID forced closures so it was an easy transition. 


Post Covid???

Most Covid restrictions lifted, many people back for dine in. Take out still very strong. Employee shortage - are we ready for the next chapter yet? Monkeypox on the horizon????

Late 2023


Sold the restaurant, trying out "Retirement". Maybe it will stick this time.

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